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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Someone's Post

The way for success and popularity

Most of bloggers are searching for popularity, they want that other bloggers review their blogs, be in the first page on Digg, be followed on twitter, have the largest community on Mybloglog, the largest group on BlogCatalog, Have all their posts commented, linked and also
But why 99,99% of them don't succeed, why there's only 00,01% who are getting the most of attention?
First, it's impossible that all bloggers become popular, because if they all become then there'll be no one! Popular mean it's more known then another. So there'll be only few! My post will describe (view my experience on the web how to become a successful blogger, but this not for all people just for some)

1. You are the maker, the builder, the creative...

Most of the blog are talking about other affairs (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo...) I don't mean by creative to be another Google as it's far probable (but not impossible). But I'll give you an example:
If your blog aim is to publish Blogger templates, then what's better?
  • Making your own templates?
  • Publishing other templates (and linking to them)?
Sure making your own templates (this what I mean by creative), every one can write, every one can make a post with photos, videos and music but not every one can create a Blogger Hack; a template, a widget... Being creative is your way for popularity

2. Quality is the way to success

We return always to the template example, will you install on your blogger a bad template (not nice, with errors, items aren't in position....), sure you'll hate this template
However if the template is pretty nice and with high quality, users will like it and even give you a link.
  • Think always of quality for your work
  • Ask other what's good and what's bad
  • Search how to em better your work
  • Take a look on other's work to do the same (but don't copy)
Quality can even make people pay for your work and donate for your blog.

3. Patience is the only way

Finally you have to wait, 1 year, 2 year, 3 year... Don't leave what you decided to do, make a plan, concentrate on your work. If you are bored you can go out and have some fun, try to be organized, learn well, be skilled in the domain that you are working on. And hang on, because popularity needs time, long time to get the right success to be known and your name spread the world. Don't think on money from the first time, if you are 20 then you are so young to get rich, it's time who do things and not you, just believe on your work and I hope that you have the right success.

If any one apply what I'm saying then the world should change, people will become creative and think on quality work, if you are interested so try to spread this post as much as you can.
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