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Thursday, June 26, 2008

#5 Devil and the Soldiers

Once there was a great war being fought and the king had a great many soldiers, but the pay he gave them was so bad that they couldn't live on it. So three of them got together and decided to desert. One of them said: ' If we're caught they'll string us up on the gallows; how shall we go about it?' Another replied:' You see that big cornfield there? If we hide in that no one'll find us. The army's not allowed into it, and they've got to move on tomorrow.'

So they crawled in among the corn and waited. But the soldiers didn't move on. After two days they were nearly dying of hunger, and they said: 'What was the use of deserting! We're going to die here miserably anyway.'

At that moment a devil with black dragon shaped came flying through the air, dived down towards them and asked them why they were hiding. They answered: ' We're three soldiers and we've deserted because our pay was so bad; and now we'll either starve if we stay here or swing on the gallows if we come out.'
'Will you serve me for seven years?' said the dragon, 'if I carry you right over my arm so that no one will catch you?'
'We've no choice but to accept,' they answered. So the dragon seized them in his claws, carried them off through the air right above the army and brought them down to earth again a long way from it. Now the dragon was of course the Devil. He gave them a small whip and said: ' If you crack this whip, it'll set as much money as you want dancing about on the ground in front of you; then you can live like lords...But when the seven years are up you will belong to me.'
Of course the soldiers did not know that the more sins of human the tastier they are for the devil.
--(It's exhausting, I'll continue this in not more than 24 hours...)

Then he said: ‘However before I take you I’ll set you a riddle, and if you can guess the answer you shall be free and released from my power.’Then the dragon flew away, and off they went with their whip. They were never short of money, bought themselves fine clothes, big houses and traveled around in the world. Wherever they went they made merry and lived in style, they often drunk and tricked beautiful girls around the world, despise poor people, treat them like animals and marry several wives.

Time passed quickly for them, and when the seven years were coming to an end two of them became sick with fear, but the third took it lightly and said: ‘Don’t worry, brothers, I’m no fool, all this time I study a lot instead of playing like you guys and I’ll guess the riddle.’ They went out into the fields, and as they sat there, two of them looking very gloomy, an old woman approached them and asked why they were so sad. ‘Oh, why should you ask, stupid poor old lady? You won’t be able to help us.’ ‘Who knows,’ she replied. So the third told her that they had been the Devil’s servants for almost seven years, and that he had given them any amount of money, but that they had promised their lives to him unless they could solve a riddle when the seven years were up. ‘If you want to save yourselves,’ said the old woman, ‘one of you must go into the forest, where you will find a rocky cliff that has caved in and looks like a hut; there is where the devil live with his grandma, you must go inside and then you’ll find help.’

The two dejected ones thought: What, his grandma? I wonder what will they cooked us into, curry soup perhaps. But the third, the light-hearted-or-naive one, got up and went into the forest as the two thinking how crazy he is. He walked on and on till he found the rocky hut. And in it sat a woman...

(Hey readers, can you continue this for me?In the end I'll still tell how the ending)

She was so beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Wow, no way this beautiful girl is the devil grandmother; he thought....The woman asked for him, and he tell her their problem, but she asked him if he already married and he answered several wives. Hearing that, the woman begins to seduce him and at last give him the greatest sexual pleasure he ever had; as we know that more sins of the human the tastier they are for the devil. After that she said to the soldier: ‘If you stay here and hide down here in the cellar, you’ll be able to hear everything that’s said up there, so just sit still and don’t move. When the dragon comes I’ll ask him about the riddle, because he tells me everything. Then you must listen carefully for the answers.’ At midnight the dragon came by flying in and asked for his dinner...

(Maybe I'll continue this if someone eager enough to know the ending)


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