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Thursday, June 5, 2008

#1. MUST READ ONE! --before it's too late

This note is written by a 85 years old man who knows he's going to die...:

"If I have one more chance to live my life,I'll try my best to do more mistakes.I won't be such a perfecta.I'll be more clumsy.I'll be a slow man.I'll live my life as dumb as ever.Indeed, there's only a few things I must take seriously. I'll live a crazier life.I won't be such a hygienic as I used to be.
I'll take more chances,I'll travel a lot,I'll climb more mountains,I'll cross the sea lot more,I'll go to more places that I've never been.I'll eat more ice-cream and less beans.
I'll face more reality problems than imagination.
You know, i am one of those who always try to prevent sickness, try to be logic, and try to aware from hours to hours, day to day.Oh, I also sometimes do the other way around.If I have a chance to rewind my life,I'll do the other way around.
I am one of those whenever going out always bring a thermometer, hot water, glistering, raincoat, and parachute. If i have a chance to live once more, I'll travel without those things.
If I have a chance to live once more, I'll going out on my bare foot in the morning at autumn and wake up in the evening at fall. I'll ride more on theme park; I'll watch sunrise more often, and I'll play with the kids more.
But as you see,I can't replay my life.


Mina said...

This is an interesting post. I guess if there were so much regrets about the kind of life one didn't enjoy, we'll feel the same way. But life isn't all about enjoying, it's more about sharing the good life for others and being good means not putting too much risk on the life we should be taking care of. Life is fun and fun is what we enjoy most about life. Just my 2 cents, thanks for posting this interesting note.

Lord Story said...

Hey that's a great perspective about life...thx
and i guess you must be a grateful-for-your life person

Mina said...

Hey, yes, I am grateful for the life I have and I hope you are too:) Many people are just apathetic about life and there's a big challenge there for people like to maintain the optimism and gratitude for the Creator of Life, God:)

蔥爆牛肉Frank said...


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