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Monday, July 7, 2008

#7 Stupid George

George is a high school student...

He has a strong belief which some people also have 'If something great happening to you then it'll be follow with bad things', this is because his father always teach him about the importance of balance in life, it's just that he thinks wrongly about it.

One day he go to school like usual, suddenly he found money on the road, but he was too afraid to pick it up because he fears bad thing will happens to him if he take it.
Then arriving on his class, the teacher makes an announcement for the ranking report. Suddenly he is called to take the first one and the teacher congrats him for the 1st rank in the class. He is so happy that his smile hardly fade away. Then the rest of the day is the happiest day for him because this is the first time he got 1st rank in the class. His family even make a small cerebration party for him at a restaurant at night.

But in the night, George cannot sleep because of his thought, he fears for the worst things in his life after the day.

The next morning he refuse to go to school and he even take a small bread for breakfast and he even stare at the wall afraid maybe an airplane will crash on his house....

Because of his fear, he skip the vacation with his classmates to the beautiful lakeside. Also he miss his summer camping with his families. Then one day he woke up with headache and his mom takes him to the doctor to be examined. The doctor says that he already has a quite high stress level for kids of his age, and needs some therapy.

Finally the stupid George said to himself : 'See, this is what I meant.'

Guys, Beware of your own mind!

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