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Thursday, July 17, 2008

#9 God Says

One day, God went down to the earth and arrived on a small town, God was invisible for human, but he want to know how the town folk praise the God, so God went to church and happy on how they trust in God.
But at the night, God started to hear things. Some voices are hurting God's ears. After God went to find out, those were grumbling voice. They are complaining and crying in their houses about how hard their life can be;
...why their neighbors are richer and they are poorer,
why he was born so ugly,
why her husband leave her,
why the kids are so naughty,
why his friends cheat him,
why he can never be rich,
why she can be so lonely,
Why and Why?

The God went to look for those voice owners, some of them looked so weak in their crying beds, some of them really as pity as they described in their sighing voice.
The next day the God leave a message on a man, it said:

'Quality of one's life depends on how he questioned it'

Later the man was known as Socrates.

Author comment: Maybe you can start the question with 'What if' instead of 'Why'

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